Easy Thigh Exercises
For Awesome Thighs

Choosing the right thigh exercises that are appropriate for your unique goals and situation can be hard to do. However, if you can do this properly it will give you the results you want but again it can be a tremendous challenge to get it right.

When it comes to your thighs remember that to actually visually see results, you need to do thigh toning exercises that not only tone, firm and strengthen your thighs, but also help to burn the fat.

If you don't burn the fat, you'll never see how good your thigh muscles actually look.

You may, as a lot of women do, typically carry your excess weight on your thighs and hips, and it may be difficult for you to lose weight in these areas even if you have tried various thigh exercises before.

It takes specific thigh exercises, like the ones found here, to help tone and shape your legs while at the same time burn all the excess fat so you can actually see the fruits of your labor.

"Don't Make This Mistake With
Thigh Exercises"

The most frequent comment or concern women have in relation to upper leg exercises is about building big bulky thighs. Women don't want to do thigh exercises that will make their thighs big and bulky like a man or like a big female bodybuilder.

The majority of women, possibly you included, want to be slim with a flat stomach and defined muscles in their thighs. Because of this a lot of women tend to avoid certain upper thigh toning exercises and use lighter weights for higher reps on the upper leg exercises they do perform.

Performing thigh slimming exercises with light weights and/or with high repetitions will not burn more fat or tone and firm your muscles better than a heaver weight with moderate repetitions (8-12 reps).

Even worse, in order to avoid getting too big and bulky, some don't even use any thigh toning exercises at all. Unfortunately this is very common.

This is a very big mistake.

So please listen carefully, you will never, ever get big and bulky like a man or a female bodybuilder when performing any thigh toning exercises.

The reason is simple - Testosterone.

This is what allows men to get huge very big thighs from thigh exercises and prevents women from getting huge. Women don't have anywhere near the amount of testosterone that a man has. Because of this fact, you cannot get big and bulky like from any of the thigh exercises listed here.

And a lot of women tend to make the mistake of thinking that no thigh exercises can replace the benefits of aerobic training. But aerobic training doesn't increase or tone muscle, and lean muscle is the only answer to the weight loss problem.

You need to include thigh toning exercises and weight training in general as the main part of your fitness routine in order to have the best body you can possibly have.

Every year after the age of 25, the average woman will gain one pound of body fat but at the same time will lose one third of a pound of muscle tissue.

thigh exercises

This results in a decrease in your metabolism.

Proper thigh toning exercises and sound eating habits can reverse this process. Thigh exercises can increase your metabolism by restoring muscle tissue that you lost over the years.

In addition, one pound of muscle burns approximately 30-50 fat calories per day.

Thigh toning exercises that use all the major muscle groups in your lower body will increase your metabolism hours after exercise. Your thighs include some of the biggest muscles in your entire body. Effective thigh slimming exercises will work all the major thigh muscle groups, including:

  • Your hamstrings, which are located at the back of your thigh. Your hamstrings extend from the back of your knee up to your butt and basically work to bend your knees;
  • Your adductor or groin muscles--the inner thigh muscles that work to bring your thighs together;
  • Your quadriceps at the front of your thighs, which help straighten your knee and;
  • Your hip flexors at the front of your pelvis, which help you raise your thighs.

These muscles should be worked hard when performing thigh slimming exercises. The more effective exercises will work all the above muscles at once resulting in much better fat burning, toning and firming.

You can benefit tremendously from the exercises listed here. Proper thigh exercises will help improve the shape, size and strength of your thighs regardless of your current health or fitness level.

Below you will find a list of thigh toning exercises to use in your lower body workout.

Please also note that even though these thigh toning exercises are only a few thigh exercises you can do, these are the most effective thigh toning exercises that firm and shape your muscles and aid in burning body fat.

"Tips For Using The Best Thigh Exercises"

You may or may not want to do every one of these thigh toning exercises during your lower body workout. You'll find more information later on the most effective way to use these thigh exercises.

Be sure to carry out all exercises in a slow, controlled manner to avoid injury and to ensure the effectiveness of the thigh exercises. A certified personal trainer or professional fitness instructor can teach and assist you with the proper technique and form with any of these thigh exercises.

Older or less flexible people should be especially careful to start slowly with any thigh exercises.

With that in mind, let's examine the thigh exercises you need to include in your lower body workout, that in reality work the best to burn fat, tone, firm and strengthen your thigh muscles all at once.

"Get Started With The Best
Thigh Exercises To Guarantee Success"

It's very important to realize that you shouldn't just do the thigh slimming exercises and nothing else. You need to implement a complete and comprehensive fitness and nutrition program along with performing the thigh exercises.

A combination of the best thigh toning exercises, cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition is the most effective for fat loss and toning and shaping your muscles.

"Multi Muscle & Single
Muscle Thigh Exercises"

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Dumbbell Lunges:

Thigh exercises like this are good for working your glutes, quads, inner and outer thighs and hamstrings. You can perform upper leg exercises like the lunge in either a stationary position, or you can walk across a large area in a straight line.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and pull your shoulders back. Lift your chest up and look straight ahead. Position your right leg forward in a long stride. Your foot should be far enough in front of you so that when you bend your right knee, your thigh and lower leg form a right angle.

Slowly bend your knee lowering your hips so your knee just clears the floor. Pause briefly in this position, then slowly straighten your legs and raise your body back up to the standing position.

Complete a full set, then switch legs and repeat. Or you can switch legs and move forward across the floor with each repetition.

Try and pay close attention to the angle formed by your thigh and lower leg.

Your knee should be directly over your ankle. Don't let your knee stray over your toes. Your knee and toes should be pointed in the same direction.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Leg Extensions:

Multi muscle exercises like this will help to define and shape the front of your thighs, known as your quads.

Using a leg extension machine, sit in the seat and hook your feet under the padded bar. Adjust the pad or the seat so that your knees hang off the end of the seat and the foot pad rests on the lowest part of your shins, right above your ankle.

The pad should not be on your feet or in the middle of your shins. Grip the handles on the machine or hold onto the edges of the seat to keep your hips from lifting up as you perform the exercises.

Extend your legs until your knees are straight, making sure you remain seated flat on the machine. Raise the weight up all the way, lock and hold briefly, then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

Like all thigh exercises, it's very important to get the full range of motion and for you to feel the contraction in your muscles all the way up and down.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Leg Press:

Sitting on a leg press machine, position your feet together against the footrest about shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward. Grip the handles or the sides of the seat.

Bend your knees and lower the weight as far as possible without changing the position of your hips. Don't lower the weight so far that your hips start to curl up off the seat.

Pause briefly in the bottom position then slowly push the weight back up using your heels, not your toes. Do not lock your knees at the top, but rather take the weight to just before lockout. Then begin to lower the weight again in a slow and deliberate fashion.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Barbell Squats:

This is by far the most effective and efficient out of all thigh exercises for overall leg development.

Rest the barbell on the upper portion of your back, but not on your neck. Firmly grip the bar with your hands almost twice your shoulder width apart. Position your feet on a heel raise so that the balls of your feet are resting on the floor and your heels are elevated.

Your feet should be about shoulder width apart with your knees bent slightly outward and your knees over your toes. Keeping your back as straight as possible and your chin up, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips straight down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.

Once you reach the bottom position, press the weight up with your heels. Be careful and don't lean forward or curve your back. This will stress your back and decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Back Extensions:

Thigh exercises like back extensions are excellent for your lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

Lie face down on a back extension bench and lock your ankles in place, or hook them under the roller pad if a footrest is not available. Adjust your hips on the pads so that when you bend forward your back is perpendicular to the floor, but not rounded. Your hips should extend over the edge of the pad. Fold your hands across your chest.

Keeping your head in alignment with your spine lift your torso until your back is perpendicular to the floor. Lifting your torso higher than parallel is unnecessary and may place harmful stress on your back. Reverse the technique to return to the start.

After a few workouts, when the exercise becomes easier, hold a weight plate across your chest to increase resistance.
Do not, however, place any weight on your head or neck or this could result in injury.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Ski Squats:

Place your feet shoulder width apart, about two feet out from the wall and lean your back against the wall. Bend your knees to a half squat position. This is position one. After 10 seconds, lower down to position two, about two inches lower. After another 10seconds, lower another two inches down to position three. This equals one rep.

Multi Muscle Leg Exercises - Straight Leg Dead-lifts:

This exercise will work your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Grab onto a barbell with both hands using an overhand grip, stand up straight with your hands and feet shoulder width apart.

Keeping your legs nearly locked, bend forward at the waist until your upper body is almost parallel with the floor. Keep your back straight and your eyes looking straight ahead. The barbell should be hanging at arm's-length below you.

Continue to look straight ahead and keep your back straight as you use the muscles in the back of your legs to return to the starting position. Be careful and try not to hunch your back or lean backwards as this can increase your risk of back injury.

Keep your back fairly straight throughout the exercise. Looking straight ahead of you will help you keep your back straight.

Single Muscle Leg Exercises - Lying Or Seated Leg Curls:

For thigh exercises like hamstring curls you can use either a seated or lying down hamstring machine. In this case, we are going to use the lying down machine to explain the exercise.

To begin this exercise, lie face down on the leg curl machine and hook your heels under their roller pads. Your legs should be stretched out straight so that the pads rest on the back of your ankles. Grab onto the handles under the bench for support.

Remaining flat on the bench, curl your legs up until your hamstrings are fully contracted. Release and lower the weight slowly back to the starting position. As with all thigh exercises, you need to concentrate on using a full range of motion.

The thigh toning exercises listed above will indeed do the job for you. These thigh toning exercises will tone, firm and burn a tremendous amount of fat cells.

The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Program Uses The Best Thigh Toning Exercises

Remember, you need a complete fitness & exercise program. With one you'll define and separate your thigh muscles, creating the sexiest thighs you could imagine. Always use a fitness & exercise that has an effective common sense approach to thigh toning exercises and fitness in general.

What Thigh Exercises Do You Use?

Do you use any unique and effective thigh exercises or in your fitness program? What was your experience with these exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain exercises? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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