Three Bowflex Exercise Machines For Me

by John Hudson
(Ramadi, Iraq)

I do not work for Bowflex or any other fitness companies, nor sell exercise equipment. The fact that I like the Bowflex does not mean others will. Does it perform as advertised? For me, it does.

I have owned three Bowflex units, culminating with the Bowflex Ultimate 2. Weary of being underweight (BB - before Bowflex), I purchased a Joe Weider training curriculum, food supplements, and enough free weights to fill my second bedroom (31 years ago). Eventually, I put on 38lbs in the right places, could lift 200lbs more than my body weight, and was very happy with the results.

On and off during the passing years, I purchased a number of lesser so-called 'total' machines, which only totaled themselves due to poor quality, broken parts or rubber bands,and generally took up more space than my free weight program.

The moment I read about Bowflex, I was hooked. I purchased one of their starter units and never looked back. I was able to achieve in 3 weeks what Bowflex brochures claimed would take 6 weeks - but - I had prior experience and was in reasonable physical condition.

I gave that unit to my sister-in-law when I moved from California back to Arizona. She still has it and is very happy with her fitness program.

I then purchased a second Bowflex unit. My reasoning was to maintain tone and fitness, not to bulk up. I sold that unit years later when mobilized for Iraq, then spent 20 months in Baghdad and surrounding areas. It goes without saying that at age 58 (then) I can definitely attribute my physical fitness and stamina (130 degrees F. wearing 35lbs of body armor, weapon, ammunition and gear) to that Bowflex.

I then purchased the Bowflex Ultimate 2 when I returned from Iraq. I added a computerized treadmill to the 'gym' and felt I had the perfect solution to my personal fitness requirements. I have now been assigned by my new employer to Anbar Province in Iraq, and my 18 year old son is happily enjoying my Ultimate2.

I can give five immediate reasons why Bowflex units appeal to me: 1) Smoothness of the exercise throughout the full range of motion - no jerking, no dropping of weights - 2) Quickness of moving from one exercise to another - 3) Quality of construction, - 4) professional appearance of the unit and - 5) wealth of options to address any and all exercises.

I had an opportunity to personally compare hands-on the Weider 'CrossBow' unit and found it to be inferior. I personally felt the quality of construction, materials used, and overall system was not as robust as Bowflex. The same goes for other systems that have attempted to emulate Bowflex.

I am not recommending that anyone buy a Bowflex. The information I have provided demonstrates my units did exactly what they advertised, with excellent results, for me personally.

I have no idea what your results may be as I am not your trainer, do not know how disciplined you are, or what you wish to accomplish. I would recommend that anyone considering purchase of a Bowflex or compatible unit do their homework - determine exactly what you want to accomplish, then go comparison shopping as I did.

If you decide to go with Bowflex, you'll discover it provides a significant number of exercise routines that will fit any personal fitness routine, and pricing for just about any budget.

John Hudson

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