Top 10 Plyometric Exercise For Any Sport

by Joey
(Ottawa, ON. Canada)

Pistol squat jumps. I use this plyometric exercise for basketball. It took me a year to master this exercise with my dominant leg. Form is incredibly important. If you cheat in this exercise you will damage your knee's.

Try to activate every muscle in the leg (calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, glutes etc.) while producing as little strain as possible on the knee itself. Generate force through the foot which must always be flat. **Do not elevate your heel onto your toes.**

Mastering this plyometric exercise involves 5 pistol squat jumps in 5 seconds on the same leg. The opposing leg should not touch the ground during the set. Range of motion should be all the way down to the floor.

For strength building I might do a set of 20 in 90secs holding a 25lb weight in my hands. Again, the opposing leg should not touch the ground.

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