Vasectomy Testosterone Nightmare

by Mike
(New Zealand)

5 yrs ago I had a vasectomy being told that there were no testosterone side effects at all I was sucked into having one. Shortly afterwards and having been in pain for some considerable time it was discovered that as the result of "back pressure" my testicles were beginning to fail and not only were they not producing sperm but also testosterone production was very very low.

I have just had a blood test and in the part of the world that I am from testosterone levels are measured on a scale that runs between 9.3 and 29, 29 being high and 9.3 being very low my results came back at 6.6!

My vasectomy has destroyed my life and now I am hoping this 'male rejuvenator' product mentioned on the 'low testosterone symptoms' page is the product to get me back on track.

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Vasectomy will destroy your life
by: John Whiting

I am 75 I was talked into having a vasectomy by my doctor at age 40, it was the biggest mistake in my life. Shortly after, I could not hold an erection and my wife turned to my best friend for comfort.

I was told it was all in my head well it ruined my sex life and now I feel that I am not a man anymore I am just a thing that resembles a man. My advice to all men thinking to have a vasectomy DONT let your body be butchered there are other ways to have pleasure and be safe.

Sincerely J Whiting Bermuda

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