Ok What Is Weight Training, Exactly?

Do you know the complete answer to this question: What is weight training?

Believe it or not most people think they know the answer to the weight training question, but in reality they're missing a lot of key facts.

Weight training, along with other types of fitness training, helps to improve quickness, muscle strength and power along with your cardiovascular capacity. These are all very important areas to improve upon - regardless if you're an athlete or not.

This information, plus the information contained throughout this weight training section, and throughout this fitness training website, will once and for all give you the answer to the question: What is weight training?

A free weight training program should in part concentrate on Functional Fitness Training.

One key goal of a free weight training program needs to be to improve and develop your functional muscle strength.

When you increase your functional muscle strength you will in turn improve your overall fitness ability for all physical tasks.

The information below will provide you with concepts for complete muscle development and endurance for that will also help to prevent injuries. You will never again have to ask the question: What is weight training, because you'll have a complete understanding.

Weight Training Gear and Equipment

A free weight training program requires very little personal gear. Other than the free weights themselves, a good pair of lifting gloves, shoes and comfortable clothing is all that you'll need.

"Free Weight Training Program Equipment
And Exercise Machine Comparison"

Issue: User Friendliness.
Free Weights: Usually available in all fitness training locations; Won't take up a lot of room; Should have a spotter for certain exercises.
Exercise Machines: You won't need a spotter, but not all fitness training centers have the same machines.

Issue: Skill.
Free Weights: Requires more skill than machines.
Exercise Machines: Requires less skill than free weights; easy to use.

Issue: Type of movement.
Free Weights: Dynamic
Exercise Machines: Limited range of motion.

Issue: Variety
Free Weights: You can perform a wide variety of exercises; Free weights will also help you to prevent or correct muscle imbalances.
Exercise Machines: Provides variable resistance; availability of equipment may limit training variety.

Issue: Application.
Free Weights: Primary muscles plus assistor and stabilizer muscles.
Exercise Machines: Tends to isolate muscles.

"What Is Weight Training Repetition Maximum?"

A rep max or RM is just the most weight that you can you can raise and lower for a set number of times.

For example, a one rep max just means that it is the heaviest weight that you can lift once. A five rep max is the heaviest weight you can raise and lower for 5 reps.

"What Is Weight Training Intensity"

Weight training intensity is a very important part of all fitness training programs. Weight training intensity is related to what you are lifting and how heavy it is.

It is also the maximum number of reps it takes you to finish the set. You should use different levels of intensity for your weight training if you want to achieve the best results.

In most cases you need to cycle between 50 percent and 90 percent of your maximal strength.

The length of time you take to complete your program will depend on your goals and the phase you are in; which will also change the intensity. The exercises you choose will create variations in weight training intensity. This includes both free weights and weight training machines.

"What Is Weight Training Muscle Balance?"

Muscle imbalances are a very common outcome of many fitness training programs. You must always ensure optimal balance between opposing muscle groups during your weight training workouts.

If you use Tricep Exercises then you have to perform Bicep Exercises. Working out your quads means that you must work your hamstrings just as much.

Without the proper balance in opposing muscles, you'll increase your risk of injury.

"What Is Weight Training Exercise Selection?"

For a proper weight training program you need to select exercises for all muscle groups. Here are some examples:

Body Part: Legs
Exercises: Squats; Leg Extensions; Leg Press; Leg Curls; ¾ Squats; Standing Calf Raises; Seated Calf Raises.

Body Part: Back
Exercises: Reverse Grip Pulldowns; Single Arm Dumbbell Rows; Reverse Grip Barbell Rows; T-Bar Rows.

Body Part: Chest
Exercises: Flat Bench Press; Incline Dumbbell Press; Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Body Part: Shoulders
Exercises: Military Press; Upright Rows; L-laterals

Body Part: Biceps
Exercises: Standing Barbell Curls; Incline Dumbbell Curls; Zott Curls; Preacher Curls

Body Part: Triceps
Exercises: Triceps Pushdowns; California Press; Close-Grip Bench Press

"What Is Weight Training Periodization"

Periodization is a technique that involves changing your weight training variables. This includes the number of reps, types of exercises used, intensity, and the length of time you rest between sets.

A good example to illustrate this is an athlete who is training for a specific event. This athlete would perform a weight training routine as to peak at the time of the competition. All fitness training and weight training would be adapted to achieve that goal at that specific time.

There are numerous parts of a periodization weight training program that have to be taken into account.

Periodization as it applies to a free weight training program is too technical to be included in this article. You can find more information elsewhere on this website. Because here we are just trying to answer the question: What is weight training?

"What Is Weight Training Form?"

Correct weight training form is vital for fitness training success. Proper weight training or weight lifting form also helps to prevent injuries. Weight training form, speed, and breathing techniques are all important for weight training.

Any weight you lift must be performed in a controlled manner with proper form. Don't use bad form in an effort to lift more weight as it won't help your performance, but will actually hinder it and increase your risk of serious injury.

When lifting any weights or doing any weight training exercise you need to move the weight in a slow and controlled motion in both directions. This will greatly optimize your results.

"What Is Weight Training Breathing?"

When performing any weight training exercise you have to exhale when you're moving the weight against gravity (meaning the concentric portion of the lift).

You should always use appropriate breathing techniques. Exhale during the positive (concentric) portion of the lift.

Proper breathing will prevent the valsalva maneuver. This is an increase in internal pressure caused by holding your breath and can result in damage to your cardiovascular system. Don't hold your breath at any time during weight training.

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What Exercises Do You Use
In Your Fitness Routine?

Do you use any unique and effective exercises or in your fitness program? What was your experience with these exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain exercises? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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