Learn The Facts About So-Called
Whey Protein Side Effects

Before we list the whey protein side effects we need to first take a look at whey protein, what it is and how it works.

Whey protein is made during the process that turns milk into cheese. The nutritional value of it simply cannot be debated. It is one of the most nutritious and highest quality protein sources available.

Whey protein first showed up when bodybuilders started using it a few decades ago.

However, it's now also a mainstream protein product. Does anyone really need whey protein?

Yes, it is such a good and nutritionally valuable product that regardless if you are involved in fitness or weight loss on a regular basis or are a "couch-potato", you should use it.

It is an easy to mix, easy to use and very convenient powder. However, it also has many different health benefits as well.

"A Closer Look At Whey Protein"

Unlike many other forms of protein, especially soy and other vegetable proteins, whey is a complete protein. This means that it contains the essential amino acids that your body requires in order to function properly.

Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein. They are needed for muscle growth and to repair muscles. Micro tears are caused during weight lifting and as such protein is needed to repair the tears and to help in recovery.

As mentioned earlier, whey protein is derived from milk. There are two different types of whey, concentrate and isolate. Which of these is considered the best whey protein?

Well both are natural whey protein powder products but the concentrate form is quite a bit cheaper. To make whey protein concentrate all of the fat and carbs are filtered out leaving just a powder. This is the whey and results in a powder that is up to eighty percent pure protein.

However, there can be a different protein content depending on a few different factors including where the milk was sourced.

Isolate is considered to be the best whey protein. And it should be because it is more expensive. The reason for the price difference and why it is the best whey protein is due to the fact that goes through a much more rigorous filtration process. This results in a natural whey protein powder that is at least ninety percent pure and complete protein.

"Whey Protein Benefits"

As mentioned earlier the only whey protein side effects are positive ones, except for under very specific circumstances and even then most whey protein side effects are very minor indeed.

The benefits of the concentrate form and the isolate form of whey far outweigh any possible whey protein side effects. Both provide health benefits that are different.

Concentrate natural whey protein powder has the added benefit of being able to provide some extra energy. This is because not all of the fat and carbohydrates are removed during filtration.

The main benefit of the isolate natural whey protein powder of course is that it has a higher and more consistent protein content. More bang for your buck as the saying goes.

Even though whey protein has basically been around since ancient times, it was never researched as much as it has been over the past 2 decades or so. This is mainly due to the fact that bodybuilders made it so popular though excessive use.

One of the most important benefits of whey protein as it relates to your health is that there have been studies that have been reported to say that it may be able to help in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

Some extensive research has shown that it may help to treat certain forms of the disease as well. These same studies have shown that it may slow the growth of malignant tumors in those with breast cancer.

It may also help to enhance the effects of radiation and chemotherapy on cancerous cells. Whether it would work outside of controlled tests is yet to be seen but the research seems promising.

Another of the positive whey protein side effects a.k.a whey protein benefits is that it has been shown to help reduce and control cholesterol levels. It seems to inhibit oxidation thereby helping to break down the cholesterol in the blood stream.

Whey protein has also been shown to help protect against bone issues by strengthening the bones.

"Natural Whey Protein Powder
And Athletic Activities"

Most body builders, men and women, as well as all athletes need more of the best whey protein than the average person. It's a fact that these individuals cannot get the protein they need from whole foods, no matter how hard they try.

Natural whey protein powder has become the main source of this extra protein because it works!

Whey protein absorbed by the human body a lot easier than other forms of protein. Athletes need to get protein into their system very quickly after a workout session and whey is by far the best way to do this.

Post-workout nutrition is one of the most important issues for body builders and athletes alike. It has been proven that muscles are primed to use protein and take full advantage of its benefits immediately after a hard workout. Whey protein has no equal in post-workout nutrition.

Whey is easy to prepare using just cold water and a shaker cup making it one of the most convenient supplements available.

Despite some many benefits that whey has, there still continues to be a lot of discussion on the internet about whey protein side effects. Well, let's take a look at this issue…

"Whey Protein Side Effects"

The most talked about whey protein side effects continue to surround the subject of kidney or liver damage.

However, the facts tell a different story. When it comes down to the basics, whey is no different than any other food – it's just food. It provides nutrients like any whole foods and any other protein. The big difference is that your body can use whey more efficiently than other protein sources.

The only way that this type of protein powder can harm your kidneys or liver is if you already have a pre-existing kidney or liver problem. But then, your doctor would make sure you were on the proper diet in the first place.

The promoters of whey protein side effects state that too much protein will cause your blood to become acidic. This would cause calcium to leach out of your bones. This, like most other whey protein side effects is simply not true. Anyone with even a limited knowledge of physiology knows this.

Now there can be some very minor health issues with whey protein but they are just that…very minor and could be classified more as annoyances than actual health issues.

Here is a list of the most common ones. Keep in mind however that a very tiny percentage of the population will ever suffer from any of these.

  • Lactose Intolerance: Even the best whey protein can contain trace amounts of lactose but it’s only a fraction of what’s in milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. Whey protein concentrate can have as much as 6% lactose and whey protein isolate has less than 1%. Another reason why the isolate version can be considered the best whey protein.
  • Stomach Upset: A very small number of people claim to suffer from some stomach discomfort when consuming whey protein on a regular basis. It may have to do with being somewhat lactose intolerant and using whey concentrate instead of whey isolate.
  • Ketosis: If you are on a ketogenic diet, over the long term you could develop kidney problems. However, this has more to do with the type of diet and nothing really to do with consuming whey.
  • Drug And Vitamn Interactions: Again this has less to do with whey and more to do with the other substances. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements, even natural whey protein powder.

How Much Of The Best Whey Protein Powder Do You Really Need?

The benefits of using whey protein are almost endless. Make sure you are using the proper type and amount of protein for your specific needs.

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