Why Not Train The Way Any Top Womens Fitness Model Does?

Anyone who wants a career as a womens fitness model needs to use a training program that is individually customized to this end goal.

Even if you are not a model and have no interest in being one you can learn to train like one in order to have the body you’ve always wanted.

This type of womens fitness training is usually very expensive because it usually requires hiring a very good personal trainer.

It's a fact that most people cannot afford it because it can cost thousands of dollars.

But don't despair, there are affordable womens muscle and fitness solutions for those of you who want personalized training, exercise, weight loss, diet and nutrition advice, and it comes straight from some of the top womens fitness model professionals.

You may be like thousands of other women who think is almost impossible to drastically improve your fitness level.

Well it's not! And you’ve taken the first and most important step in reaching your fitness, weight loss and health goals…reading the information we have for you right here.

A top womens fitness model trains in such a way as to help protect lean muscle tissue, elevate metabolism, balance blood sugar levels, control cravings, elevate mood, and kill hunger.

Most of us have become pre-programmed into believing what the multi-billion dollar diet, weight loss and nutrition industry has been promoting for decades.

We’ve put this information together in order to provide you with information you need to make correct and intelligent health, fitness and weight loss decisions.

"11 Womens Fitness Model Questions & Answers"

Q # 1: What type of cardio equipment is best for a complete womens muscle and fitness program; bikes, treadmills, stairmasters or elliptical trainers?

A: There have been many studies that said the treadmill is the best tool for cardio training. This is because larger muscles (and more of them) are involved, and you therefore burn more calories.

Treadmills are the most expensive of the cardio equipment, but they are well worth it and will last for a very long time.

Q # 2: What exactly is the idea behind a womens fitness model eating five or six meals a day?

A: Many women tend to skip meals when trying to lose weight and are surprised when they find out that a top womens fitness model they see in magazines and on T.V eats a minimum of four and up to six times a day.

Frequent meals help you stabilize blood sugar levels, (which leads to more energy and less cravings) increase’s your metabolism and helps you to better absorb nutrients.

When you break your daily caloric intake into 5 or 6 meals of approximately 200-300 calories each, you’ll prevent energy dips and keep your body fueled so it can perform at optimum levels, helping you burn more calories during the day.

You don't have to have perfectly equal meals. You could have a 150-calorie snack and a larger lunch, for example. Just keep up with your daily caloric intake.

Q # 3: Is it possible to lose 40 pounds or more in 12 weeks on a womens fitness training program and diet.

A: Yes it is. But remember it takes time and effort. Most women want to make big changes in their bodies’ over-night, but they refuse to make even minor changes in how they exercise and eat.

However, if you work hard and follow a womens fitness model training program properly you can lose a tremendous amount of weight in a very short time.

Q # 4: Will I gain all the fat back when I return to a more normal womens fitness training program?

A: If your "normal" diet consists of junk food and over-eating, then sure, you'll gain the fat back, and possibly a lot more at that. You have to realize that it’s a lifestyle change. You’ll still have to eat responsibly and exercise.

Healthy eating isn't something you should do for a few weeks until you lose weight. It's a lifelong process. Too many women seem to think a temporary change in their diets will solve all their problems.

Also, keep in mind that if you go on a hard nutrition program, using a very low carbohydrate diet, you'll likely gain some water weight back once you up your carbohydrate intake.

Q # 5: Why does it seem that it's harder for women to get fit than it is for men?

A: Women naturally have more body fat than men. There's nothing that can be done about that, sorry. This means as women, you have more fat mass as opposed to lean muscle mass. Fat is metabolically less active than muscle. So, in other words, men have the advantage of having more lean muscle tissue, which is a more metabolically active tissue.

But this is not to say that there isn’t anything that you can do about it. Following a proper fitness and nutrition plan and incorporating certain supplements as well, you will increase your lean muscle and strength as well as improve your cardiovascular conditioning, which together, is the key to shedding fat and pounds.

Q # 6: I work long hours at my job. What exercise can I do when I get home after an exhausting day at work? I don’t own any cardio equipment and don’t have a gym membership.

A: Unfortunately, you must either buy a gym membership or a very good home gym. You have to lift weights in order to improve your health and fitness & lose weight. You have to make the effort. If you have a long day, it would be worth your while to buy a good home gym so that you don’t have to spend any extra time going to and from the gym.

But be aware, when it comes to home gym equipment expect to pay a good amount of money. If you buy something cheap, it won’t last.

Q # 7: What will happen, if for some reason, I miss one of my exercise sessions or meals?

A: Well, if you miss a workout, you missed it. If you miss one of your meals, you missed it. There’s nothing you can do.

It won’t ruin what you’ve already accomplished. Just get back on track as soon as you can and continue going ahead. But, if you do it on a regular basis, for example missing one workout a week or one or two meals every other day, it will dramatically slow down your progress.

Also, you may not reach your goals. Don’t let setbacks or mistakes slow you down.

Q # 8: When I start a new womens muscle and fitness program that includes weight lifting how do I know how much weight to use?

A: When it comes to weight training, you can still count on one of the old rules. To add lean muscle you need to use relatively heavy weights plenty of time for muscle recovery. Let the number of reps per set, on each exercise, determine the weight you will use.

For example: If it says the rep range for an exercise is 8 – 10 per set, then you want to pick a weight that will allow you to get 10 reps, with a little bit of a struggle on the first set. Each subsequent set your muscles will fatigue and you should drop by one rep or so.

You may need to take one week before you start the actual fitness program and go through each exercise and determine what the weight will be. If you find that it’s easy to get the required number of reps on each set, then increase the weight.

As long as you take the time at the start of your program to determine what weight you should use, you’ll find the rest of the time easy to figure out.

Q # 9: How long does it take when you first start exercising to notice results?

A: Unfortunately, most women want results right away, almost over-night. It is difficult for anyone to estimate how long it will take for your body to make noticeable physical changes, because everyone is different, and progresses at different rates.

However if you follow your womens fitness model exercise and nutrition plans properly you should notice the following:

  • In the first 4 weeks of any womens fitness model program your body weight may not change too much because most women will tend to build up lean muscle when initially starting a weight lifting program. This is what is supposed to happen. You need to increase your lean muscle mass in order to increase your metabolism.

  • You will also notice your fitness levels and strength progressively improving in the first 4 weeks. During the next 4 weeks, you will notice your clothes fitting better or becoming much "looser", and your body weight will be going down each week.

  • Your strength and over-all fitness levels should continue to improve.

  • During the next 4 weeks or so, you should notice dramatic weight loss and tremendous physical improvements. In this last phase your strength probably won’t improve as much as it did in the previous weeks, but it’s the physical results that you’re looking for now.

Q # 10: How do you know when the time is right to increase the weight you’re using?

A: If an exercise calls for a rep range of 10 – 12 and you can reach the maximum number of reps in each set (which in this case is 12), you should increase your weight slightly. Now, on the other hand, if you can't make it to the minimum number of 10 reps, then you need to drop your weight back a little.

Always try to increase by the smallest amount possible. If you try to add too much weight at once, you won’t be able to reach the minimum number of reps for that exercise.

Follow these guidelines and remember it needs to be challenging. If you're breezing through your womens fitness model workouts with no effort, your body will have no reason to respond.

Q # 11: Should I eat something before I workout, like an energy bar?

A: Well it really depends on what your goals are. If you're only concerned with your athletic performance or improving your fitness level, you should eat a small carbohydrate / protein snack (like a sports bar) about 90 minutes before you train and take a sports drink just before, during and after you exercise.

However, if the goal of your womens fitness model program is to lose fat and gain lean muscle, it’s not recommended to eat very much if anything at all.

This is a mistake a lot of women make. If you supply your body with calories to use as fuel when exercising, it will prevent fat burning and preserve your body fat stores.

womens muscle and fitness

Women Fitness Training builds muscle mass and increases the rate of your metabolism since the muscle tissue is metabolically more active than fat tissue.

The key is to increase the amount of muscle mass that you have through a womens fitness model program that incorporates strength training.

Womens Fitness Tips

It's a fact, all over the world there are many women who share your fitness goals and are experiencing the same fitness challenges you are. They would all be very interested in knowing how you succeeded. What helped you, was it a certain type of fitness training program or exercise?

Or do you have some good fitness information or tips that we may have missed? Share it and help inspire others!

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