Womens Fitness Training And Eating Enough Food

by Ava

I'm a fitness trainer specializing in womens fitness but I still can't convince my female clients to eat enough. Why is it so hard for a lot of women to understand that if they want the best results from their womens muscle and fitness progam they have to eat?


After reading this blog, I really feel bad thinking that there are women out there who don't take this advice from sound professionals when it's given. I used to be this way, but then I started doing workouts properly.

This information has really helped me to get a hold of myself and stick to really healthy eating and dieting habits. My whole body and life has changed since I started trying to live like I do now. Now, I eat more than I ever used to and I look leaner, and feel better! I totally recommend that any of you who are feeling this way go check out the site! It changed my life, and hopefully it will do the same for you.


I weigh about 200 pounds, and I know I am overweight. Two years ago I lost 30 pounds very quickly and kept the weight off a year. When I got back into exercising and healthy eating again, I started gaining the weight back. I taught exercise classes and nutrition classes several years ago and weighed 120 pounds.

But, I have not been successful at it. I have tried several times to loose the weight in my belly area and thighs. I've tried a lot of variations on exercise, but it boils down to the foods I eat and the quantities.

Since I have hit 40 it has been extremely hard for me. I am afraid to eat outside my regular amounts because it's so easy to gain more weight-especially when I'm exercising.


With womens fitness, it's funny how many people express similar frustrations. There's no denying that there are differences between the way men perceive change and the way women perceive it.

You can tell guys, who have been
on a diet that they can eat, then you've made a friend for life. Women might listen, some might even hear you, but that gnawing fear inside them, the one that's been instilled by years and years of hearing ? if you eat less, you'll weight less, does create a problem.

The first thing you should do with your womens fitness model clients is to develop a portfolio of evidence. As you experience progress and success with women and their fitness goals, and achieve impressive results, document their changes and how they feel using their own words.

With womens fitness model clients there are two avenues of influence that have proven to be quite beneficial. Teach your clients about the "thermic effective of food". Teach them that processing food, digesting nutrients, actually burns calories and that supportive meals put into the body frequently can actually result in greater caloric burn throughout the day.

It's unfortunate that most women have learned that calories are bad. Without forcing massive meals upon them, modify their thinking so that they understand that good calories are good.

Another good influence tool for clients is to take it in small steps. Start off by having your clients eat a supportive breakfast. Nothing else. Just set the goal of a supportive first meal of the day.

Once that becomes a habit get your womens fitness clients to get more supportive food into their body even in a small amount, approximately 3 hours later. As soon as each step is met with achievement, add another.

It won't take long before you can point out that she's now eating more food than she ever was before when she was dieting. And at the very least, if she's following her womens fitness training program properly, she'll notice that not only has she not gained any fat, she will look and feel better.

Then you can point out that this indicates that her metabolism is speeding up. Once that sinks in, even the most negative womens fitness client will come on board and listen to your advice.

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