Explanations Of Yoga Positions For Beginners With Illustrations

These yoga positions for beginners are simple but you should still take care when performing them.

If you decide to do your beginner yoga poses or any yoga exercises for that matter, before going to bed, make certain you are not over-tired. Always ensure that you are awake enough in order to relax and concentrate on what you are doing.

Yoga is like everything else in life.

If you want to achieve the full benefit of it you have to be in the right state of mind.

Remember that all yoga positions for beginners should be performed on a hard or solid surface.

You can use an exercise mat for additional comfort.

It's really worth a few moments of your time to prepare properly before you start.

"5 Yoga Positions For Beginners"

Beginner Yoga Poses # 1:

This one is known as the Death Pose because you are lying flat and are in a completely relaxed state.

As you may have already guessed this is very simple to do. Lie down on the mat in a completely flat position. Breathe in and out in a relaxed and normal manner.

Try to relax all of your muscle groups beginning at the top of your body and working down to your feet. Now begin to relax all of the muscles in your head and face.

The only thing you should not do is relax so much that you fall asleep. That is not the goal of yoga positions for beginners such as this one.

After a few minutes of complete relaxation start to tense your muscles in order to start the process over again. This yoga pose is much better for you than having a nap during the day.

Beginner Yoga Poses #2:

This is known as a Raised-Leg Pose. It is a very good one for most people to do and as such excellent to be included in the list of yoga positions for beginners.

Again, lie down on the mat in a firm flat position. Place your arms at your sides. Your breathing should be relaxed.

Now slowly raise one leg without any bend at your knee. Keep your other leg against the floor and completely flat.

Raise your leg up as far as you can and try to get it to point straight up. Hold your leg in the upright position for a few seconds then lower it slowly to the floor.

Repeat the procedure with your opposite leg. Once you have lower your second leg you will raise both legs at the same time. Hold for a couple seconds then lower. Over time try to keep your legs up longer before having to lower them. 

Depending on your level of flexibility you may only be able to do this one once or twice. However, if you keep at it you will quickly find that you can not only hold the pose longer but you can do it five or six times each session.

Make sure as with all yoga positions for beginners, to always to go through the full range of motion in a slow and controlled manner. Never bounce your legs or lift / lower them quickly.

Everyone gets sore and tight abs the first couple times doing this pose but it will go away within a couple days and as long as you keep consistent with it the soreness won’t return.
This is actually a very good yoga pose for core development. However, you should always consult a doctor before starting any type of exercise.

The next yoga positions for beginners are listed in best order in which to do them. The first one is the easiest then the next ones get a little harder with the last one being the most difficult. 

But even the first of the yoga positions for beginners above will require a bit of patience at first, unless you are naturally very limber, which most of us aren’t.

Beginner Yoga Poses #3:

This one is simple known as the Simple Pose.

Instead of lying down for the next yoga positions for beginners you will start by sitting down on the mat with both of your legs stretched out in front of you.

Note! If you have any issues with your knees you may not be able to do some of these yoga positions for beginners. Always consult a physician before doing any of them.

Now, start by bending your right leg at the knee and put your right foot underneath your left thigh. You will need to use your hands.

Once you have done that comfortably bend your other leg in the same manner and put your left foot under your right leg.

Always maintain a good balance in your upper body balanced and keep your back straight. Reach both arms and let your wrists rest facing up on your knees.

Touch the tips of your thumbs with the tips of the index fingers. All other fingers on both hands should just remain flat as in the illustration.

When you first start the yoga positions for beginners that require you to cross your legs you will notice that your knees will tend to raise up off the floor. Don’t push your knees or legs down against the floor. Over time your legs will flatten out and you will be more comfortable.

Beginner Yoga Poses #4:

This next one is commonly known as an Advanced or Perfect Pose:

For this pose you will start from the same basic position as the one above but will then do things a little differently.

Start by taking your left foot in your right hand and bend it in such a way that your opposite heel is in a position against your perineum. Your left sole should be in contact with the upper part of your right thigh.

Don’t actually sit on your heel. Next bend the opposite leg so that your right heel is against the pubic bone and your toes fit comfortably in the spot formed by the calf and thigh.

Once you have finished the above procedure put your left hand, palm facing up, on top of your left knee and the right hand on the right knee and relax.

Beginner Yoga Poses #5:

You may have heard of this one before. It is called the Lotus or Buddha Pose

This one is a little more difficult to master but as long as your doctor says so, then you should be good to try it.

 The starting position is no different than the ones above. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor.

Using your hands once again, position your right foot onto your left thigh. Make sure it is fairly close by joint of your hip with the sole of the foot turned up and the heel near your mid-line. 

Use the same procedure to place your other foot in the same position but on the opposite side.

Put both hands on your knees with your palms open. Make an “O” with your thumb and second finger on each hand.

yoga positions for beginners

Yoga Basic Positions And So Much More!

With a complete yoga beginners kit including yoga positions for beginners it is possible to relax sufficiently for the mind to be completely free to devote itself to meditation.

Over the centuries those who have perfected yoga positions for beginners have found that the sitting posture is infinitely the superior one, and so have adopted it.

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